Get the direction of a unit’s head.

For anyone except the local player, the head is assumed to be facing straight forward.


_unitUnit to check [Object]
_objectRelative object/position to get direction to [Object or Position Array, defaults to getting compass direction]



  • Direction of unit head (for the local player, this is taken to be the true head direction; for other players or AI, the value is just the
  • Difference angle (negative or positive), e.g how many degrees turning to center object horizontally
  • True/False if given object is in field of view of player relative to his head
  • True/False if player is using 3rd person view


_data = [player] call CBA_fnc_headDir;
// => returns direction of head (freelook)

_data = [player, house1] call CBA_fnc_headDir;
// => returns direction of head, difference angle, if house is in fov
//    and if 3rd person is on or not

_data = [ai] call CBA_fnc_headDir;
// => returns the direction of ai (not head)

_data = [ai, getPos player] call CBA_fnc_headDir;
// => direction of ai, difference towards players pos, if player is in
//    fov of ai, and 3rd person off (default return)


Vertical angle.


positionCameraToWorld is only valid for player object, it is not handled for other players or AI!!  For these you can only check if its turned towards an object, not looking at it.